Distribution Services

«ILTIFAT» is one of the largest distribution companies in Turkmenistan, provides a full range of complex Distribution services to manufacturers. In the portfolio of the Company there are: mayonnaise, ketchup, jam, mustard, margarine, confectionery, coffee and coffee drinks, shampoos and shower gels, hair paints, cream, toothpaste, liquid soap, wet napkins, cotton discs, washing powders, linen conditioner, bleachers, pipe cleaning agents, air fresheners, universal cleaners, anti-oil cleaners, braking fluid

The company «ILTIFAT» since 2018 has been providing marketing support services for distribution contracts and manufacturers - audit of outlets, promo shares, production of POSM, consulting and others. For any Manufacturer Company seeking success, marketing research acts as the beginning and logical conclusion of any cycle of its marketing activities. Market research significantly reduces uncertainty in making important marketing decisions, allowing for the efficient allocation of economic potential to reach new heights in business